How accurate is your customer and broker data?

Providing accurate, relevant and connected insurance policies, in real-time, adds value and increases customer spend – but first you need a 360° view of your data regardless of whether you operate through intermediaries or directly. And here's how.

Introducing STEP – a data management solution, developed from the ground up over 40 years, that has been trusted to help more than 300 of the largest companies in the world quickly create personalised policies by connecting disparate data silos to create a single view of their customers and their buying history.

By creating links between customers and products from internal systems and through external brokers, STEP makes it easy for you to personalise customer experience by using your enhanced knowledge to advise and recommend, adding value and increasing sales.



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Are you making the best use of your data?

Times have changed; your prospects are already 70% through their purchase decision before they engage - you can’t afford not to have accurate insurance product information available at any time.

Our STEP data management solution and business-first approach enables you to connect siloed policy data to grow and retain customers, as well as: 

  •  Ensure data governance: by providing a single unified view of your data and its management of.
  •  Empower users to deliver value: by using an intuitive dashboard to identify gaps for additional products and service improvements.
  • Gain a 360-degree view of the customer: by connecting disparate data to form one version of the policy holder.
  • Gain both speed and scale across the business: by having a single, centralized version of the truth that is easily and quickly accessible.
  • Reduce time to market and new product revenue: by having accurate data to support business decision making and actions.
STEP provides a single technology to integrate product, asset, location and customer data into a single place, providing insights from which to respond to market changes and to improve customer experience.

Service matters

Most consumers feel that all insurance companies are much the same. There is low brand recognition in this field.

Perhaps that’s why for the first time in 6 years, change management has replaced regulation as the number one perceived challenge for insurance companies.

Increasing focus is being spent on the systems and processes needed to add more value to policy holders, and data sits at the heart of this.

Merging and centralizing product and client data from across your insurance business is essential, but when you’re managing products with complex hierarchies, this may be easier said than done. Until now.

Discover how STEP can help you sell more policies


Discover how STEP can help increase your sales

Getting you ready for GDPR

Do you know how the customer data you obtain is stored and managed? If you don’t, time is running.

On May 25th 2018, any insurance company handling European citizen data must comply with GDPR or face significant financial reprimand.

Thankfully, our STEP data management solution can help you remain compliant.

GDPR is an opportunity to embrace customer first service delivery by making better use of the data at your disposal to improve customer experience.

But transforming your data and data processes is a lot of work. You need to break down data silos and integrate your personal master data into a single, complete source of trusted data, as well as apply a data governance framework.

If you want to be ready for next year, you need to start planning today.

Improve customer experience

By feeding accurate and complete insurance product information into your systems, you can serve your customers across any sales channel.
You’ll be able to improve customer experience and retain highly valuable policy holders while identifying new sales opportunities.
  • Connect and deliver insurance product information at every point it drives business
  • Embrace change and support future developments
  • Deliver confidence to your organization by knowing that the data can be trusted  

Why Stibo Systems?

What if you could consolidate and improve the accuracy of your insurance product data, predict policy holder needs and proactively shape conversations to them? With STEP, now you can.

A member of the Stibo Systems team is ready to answer your questions:

  • How will STEP work and integrate with my existing systems?
  • How will STEP help me connect my siloed data?
  • How does STEP ensure consistency of information?
  • How can STEP do this without needing to change existing systems?

With extensive insurance industry knowledge, we’re able to offer a real solution to your most pressing business challenges, and it can be implemented in the most complex of today’s work environments.

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