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Travel & Hospitality

Master Data Management as a Path to Operational Efficiency in Travel and Hospitality

  • Increased competition.
  • The threat of commoditization.
  • Higher consumer expectations.
  • Unyielding economic realities.

These are but a few of the constant pressures travel companies face today. To thrive in this environment, travel operators must work harder than ever before to provide customers with accurate, consistent and persuasive information.

Unfortunately, ensuring that all product information is accurate and consistent is a laborious, costly and error-prone process. It also continually erodes travel companies’ profit margins and competitive advantage.

Greater Operational Intelligence

Stibo Systems' technology and services are designed specifically for executive teams. They deliver real-time, consistent and highly accurate operational information about products, suppliers and customers. That way you can make more proactive decisions based on up-to-date business insight rather than on historical reports.


Stibo Systems Multidomain MDM Solutions Drive:

Improved sales effectiveness through better, more consistent and accurate product information. Which leads to increased bookings, more satisfied customers and increased loyalty

Reduced risk by ensuring that every department, division and decision maker has fast access to accurate operational information and by eliminating errors and ensuring consistency across all media.

Enhanced corporate agility based on real-time business knowledge. We provide executive teams with the single source of truth needed to take action on operational information — and a way to share that information consistency across all sales channels.

Optimized promotions and merchandising. By linking product, supplier and customer information through an integrated process, you'll be able to improve the consistency of marketing messages across all customer communication channels to generate more business, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Reduced costs. Having a single trusted source of information across the business eliminates costly inefficiencies and errors. Our solutions enable you to manage product information from the moment you receive it, all the way to the point when the enriched product information is communicated through multiple channels — including brochures, travel itineraries, hotel contracts or the web.

To learn more about how Stibo Systems can deliver a measurable difference in managing your information assets, download our travel and hospitality industry brief. Or to have a representative contact you, visit our contact information page.