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Improve Retail Performance with Stibo Systems

More than ever before, the ability to react and execute faster — to ensure that the right product is available at the right place at the right time — is absolutely critical. That's why merchants that can pivot faster stand to come out on top once the skies clear.

Stibo Systems’ master data management solutions help retailers develop the level of agility needed to improve operational profitability and reduce risk. Our technology and services are designed specifically for executive teams. As business success tools, they're designed to deliver real-time, consistent and highly accurate operational information about products, suppliers and customers. That way you can make more proactive decisions based on up-to-date business insight rather than on historical reports.

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How information drives business growth


Stibo Systems' Multidomain MDM solutions drive:

Increased revenue growth by speeding time to market. Launching products faster enables you to generate revenue earlier, increase margins and establish an early-mover competitive advantage. And richer and more accurate product information at the point of need helps improve up-sell and cross-sell conversions.

Lower product returns. Every year a large percentage of products are returned simply because of incorrect, insufficient or inconsistent product information. Our solution helps you reduce product returns by managing the complex problem of gathering, managing, publishing and sharing product information within the enterprise and across the supply chain.

Optimized inventory levels by having a single, consistent view of product information across the enterprise and supply chain — and without forcing every department, business unit and supplier to use the same system or data format.

Improved efficiency by enabling you to more efficiently acquire product information from suppliers and by making sure that the information is delivered quickly to multiple business systems to support selling channels.

Reduced risk by ensuring that every department, division and decision maker has fast access to accurate operational and regulatory compliance information.

Enhanced corporate agility based on real-time business knowledge. We provide executive teams with the single source of truth needed to take action on customer, product and supply chain information — and a way to share that information consistency across all sales channels.

To learn how Stibo Systems can deliver a measurable difference in managing your information assets, download our latest white paper for retailers. Or to have a representative contact you, visit our contact information page.