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Master Data Management Solutions for Your Industry

Every industry has unique challenges. That's why you need a solution that address the specific operational issues you face every day. In addition, you need experts who can help you reduce costs, improve top-line performance, mitigate risk and enhance business agility.

At Stibo Systems, we’re the master data management specialists. We help growth-oriented executive teams to use their operational information as a tool to drive performance.

Our team of experts includes professionals with deep industry expertise in manufacturing, retail, distribution, travel and hospitality. And over the last 30 years we have developed solutions and best practices to help hundreds of companies in these industries manage the movement of their strategic operational information as it flows through the business.


Stibo Systems’ master data management solutions help distributors speed time to market, leverage operational information as a competitive differentiators, reduce costs and enhance agility. Learn More>


Through our proven technology and services we deliver real-time, consistent and highly accurate operational information about products, customers and suppliers to manufacturing executive teams. This enables them to make proactive decisions based on up-to-date business insight rather than on historical reports. Learn More>


Retail executives who leverage our master data management solutions react and execute faster, speed time to market, reduce product returns and ensure that the right item is available at the right place at the right time. Learn More>

Travel & Hospitality

Our solutions enable executive teams in the travel and hospitality industry to improve sales effectiveness, increase customer loyalty, optimize promotions and merchandising, reduce costs, mitigate risk and respond faster to market demands. Learn More>