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Product Information Management

Having timely access to accurate, detailed and consistent product information across the enterprise has never been greater. Yet most companies don’t have the product information they need to improve competitiveness and drive sales.

The problem is not a lack of information. It’s the lack of efficiency in managing product information. The increasing number of sales channels for products emphasizes the need for a product information management system.

A Full-Cycle Approach to PIM

STEP is a multidomain MDM platform with a focus on product information management (PIM) that helps companies gather, manage and share product information across the enterprise and with partners and supplier. It creates a single trusted source of product information by integrating departmental knowledge into an enterprise-wide asset.

Having greater control over product information and attributes paves the way for multichannel success. It enables companies to promote smarter, more customer-centric offers. It helps drive down costs through more optimized inventory levels and increased automation. It helps minimize risks through improved regulatory compliance.

That’s the real value of product information management. Product information ensures that product messages are consistent thus protecting an organization's brand.

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