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In order to publish or share consistent product information across the enterprise and to multiple distribution channels, the information must be merged, centralised, accurate and up-to-date. Product data often involves thousands of attributes, hundreds of relationships and millions of records and is an integral part of real-time business process interactions within and outside the enterprise.

Having a central repository for all product-related information gives organisations a single version of truth for their product master data, delivering significant operational efficiencies and improving business performance.


Transform product master data from multiple system formats into a common structure by acquiring and consolidating product information from a variety of internal and external systems in order to clean and validate the information and to map source formats to your data model.

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Introduce new products, product bundles and services more quickly through use of high confidence product data and streamlined business processes.

Achieve this when you manage every aspect of each product master record, including hierarchy, structure, validations, approvals, versioning and enriching with attributes, descriptions, documentation and other related data components.

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Improve your customers’ experience, business performance and operational efficiency by publishing product information seamlessly and consistently across all channels and business systems.

Internal departments such as sales, marketing and customer services can readily access reliable information.

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