A Comprehensive Approach to Data Quality

High quality product and customer data are the core of any business. Enterprise systems including ERP, supply chain management, CRM and eCommerce all rely on complete, accurate and consistent data to drive high levels of operational performance, sales conversions and customer service.

Stibo Systems’ STEP platform provides a comprehensive approach to what has become a pressing challenge for businesses today. As central part of a strategic information management effort, STEP’s data quality functionality is designed to handle data profiling, data matching and enrichment with external reference data — regardless of language, structure, duplication levels, omissions or errors.

An Integrated Solution

By combining best-of-breed data quality, data governance and master data management functionality into one platform, we enable you to improve information integrity and extract greater value from your strategic information.

This integrated solution enables faster and more accurate data cleansing with fewer errors, which minimizes the burden placed on the business user. An intuitive and configurable user interface greatly improves searching and cleansing of duplicate records in very large data sets. This helps ensure a high degree of accuracy across many different data types such as customers, products, vendors and locations.

Key benefits include:
  • Reduced information management costs
  • Faster product introductions
  • Rapid on-boarding of product data
  • More reliable information to support business intelligence
  • Increased ability to respond quickly to adverse cost pressures
  • Greater visibility into cost challenges and areas of opportunity

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