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STEP Overview

The STEP platform creates a single trusted source of business information by integrating departmental knowledge to produce an enterprise-wide asset. Its functional richness, strong data modeling and powerful workflow capabilities enable you to drive revenue, reduce costs, mitigate risk and enhance agility through more efficient gathering, managing and sharing of operational information.

Extract and Consolidate Information More Efficiently

STEP helps you to more easily extract and consolidate product, customer and supplier information from a variety of systems. Once the information is rationalized, STEP captures and maintains all product attributes and relationships via a rich data model, while cleansing the data to prevent inaccurate information from being loaded into the system and maintaining data integrity. Finally, STEP reconciles and transforms all information from each system into a common structure.

Manage Across the Enterprise and Beyond

Once the information is aggregated and consolidated, STEP provides you with an easy-to-use interface to manage every aspect of each master record, including hierarchy, structure, attributes, validations, approvals and versioning.

Configurable workflows and permission structures help ensure record completeness. They allow you to control how records are created, updated, changed and approved. By having clear audit trails and a complete record history, you’ll have the necessary information to ensure regulatory compliance and sound data governance.

Share Information Across Systems and Channels

STEP also shares operational information with your applications and analytical systems based on predetermined distribution mechanisms. Unlike most MDM and PIM applications, STEP goes far beyond basic data management and distribution.

STEP provides efficient tools to allow sharing of business information seamlessly with back-end applications in your information supply chain, as well as customer-facing applications across the enterprise. Everything from call centers, sales channels, websites, print media and other points of sale — regardless of format, language, currency or physical location.