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Stibo Systems delivers Multidomain MDM technology solutions that help companies gather, manage and share product, supplier and other corporate intelligence across the enterprise.

With over 30 years experience, we are able to cultivate and grow a complete and functionally rich solution with solid data modeling and powerful workflow capabilities.

Built for complex Multichannel Environments

Our technology solutions were built for complex, product-oriented workflows and multicommerce offerings. Our implementations are considerably shorter in duration and more cost effective than those of competing suite vendors.

A Full-Cycle Approach to Information Management

Unlike many competing systems that focus only on the management of operational data, we take a more holistic, full-cycle approach to managing master data across all of your business units and departments.

Our STEP technology platform streamlines the process of aggregating and consolidating operational information from multiple sources and formats. Once information is gathered, STEP provides a sophisticated set of tools that give your data direction.

STEP’s rich media management capabilities also enable efficient management and control of images and digital assets that are linked to products. And document management functionality provides an electronic archive of documents associated with products, suppliers and customers.